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Set custom post type and taxonomy terms with Ozh’ Tweet Archiver

I’m a sucker for custom post types, and also for archiving my tweets. Ozh’ Tweet Archiver hits the sweet spot between form and function; I added this filter to my functions.php so that I could keep tweets separate from posts without having to build a new blog.

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Add taxonomy columns to admin Edit pages

I’m currently using custom post types and taxonomies extensively on this site, so it is very important to me to be able to see how I have catalogued a post, as well as being able to single out specific post types with a given taxonomy term while editing. The ideal place for this to happen is in the Admin Edit page.

The following set of functions grabs a list of available taxonomies for a given post_type and automatically adds columns to the Edit pages. This updated version does not have column information that disappears after using the Quick Edit AJAX on the Edit page. In addition, I’ve updated the taxonomy term links to actually work as filters on taxonomy and term.

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Adding A Custom Taxonomy Terms Widget To WordPress

The WordPress Categories Widget currently only handles the category taxonomy. I’ve modified it to allow the user to select a taxonomy, and tied in the Tag Cloud Widget code to give the user the choice of display formats: list, dropdown, and cloud. Multiple instances are possible, providing the user with an easy method for displaying links to user-built taxonomy terms.

preg_replace_callback() is used to fix the JavaScript for the dropdown menu; instead of generating the default ?query_var=value format, it uses get_term_link() to generate the term URL.

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