Add post format support to Theme Hybrid via child theme

I’m currently using Theme Hybrid as a parent theme and have been exploring the internals with an eye to using WordPress 3.1’s new Post Formats for a lot of my content. I import my tweets from [Twitter]( via [Ozh’ Tweet Archiver](; I import my bookmarks from [Delicious]( via [FeedWordPress]( These imported posts were previously stored in Custom Post Types, but Post Formats seem like a better fit, especially with the [hoops I jumped through]( to get them to appear in The Loop.

The following explores options in Theme Hybrid for using a child theme to create custom Post Formats.

The following code can be added to a child theme’s `functions.php` to enable post format support and to style Link and Status post formats as bookmarks and tweets.

[FeedWordPress Templates](
[Hybrid Theme Filter Hook Reference](
[Ozh’ Tweet Archiver](
[Post Formats: WordPress Codex](
[WordPress Post Format Examples](
[WordPress Post Formats Tutorial: Add Tumblr Style Features To Your Blog with WordPress 3.1](

5 thoughts on “Add post format support to Theme Hybrid via child theme”

  1. Hi . .I might be missing something very simple, but how did you tell FeedWordPress to designate Post Formats in new syndicated posts? I see FWP supports Custom Post Types but not Formats. . .

          1. thanks!

            I decided, since all of my syndicated posts were already categorized, to use clean conditionals instead of stripos:

            There’s probably a more efficient way to achieve this but it’s working for me now.

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