Add taxonomy columns to admin Edit pages

I’m currently using custom post types and taxonomies extensively on this site, so it is very important to me to be able to see how I have catalogued a post, as well as being able to single out specific post types with a given taxonomy term while editing. The ideal place for this to happen is in the Admin Edit page.

The following set of functions grabs a list of available taxonomies for a given `post_type` and automatically adds columns to the Edit pages. This updated version does not have column information that disappears after using the Quick Edit AJAX on the Edit page. In addition, I’ve updated the taxonomy term links to actually work as filters on taxonomy and term.

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6 thoughts on “Add taxonomy columns to admin Edit pages”

  1. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! Been searching high and low for something to do this, but all I could find were snippets to add each individual taxonomy manually to each individual post type, and even then I couldn’t get them working. Here, all I had to do was copy/paste your code into functions.php, and it worked without a hitch!

  2. Thanks you so much. you have solved my problem. please let me know how to change position of column. It comes at the end I want to add taxonomy column after categories.


  3. code is not working with custom post type. I have used the plugin “More Types” and assign some taxonomy to that post type it only shows heading. Can you help?

  4. You are a genius!
    I admire people like you – this code is just what needed!
    No need for a plugin – just entered it into the functions.php and it works like charm on WordPress 3.51

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