Monthly Archives: July 2010

Adding A Custom Taxonomy Terms Widget To WordPress

The WordPress Categories Widget currently only handles the category taxonomy. I’ve modified it to allow the user to select a taxonomy, and tied in the Tag Cloud Widget code to give the user the choice of display formats: list, dropdown, and cloud. Multiple instances are possible, providing the user with an easy method for displaying links to user-built taxonomy terms.

preg_replace_callback() is used to fix the JavaScript for the dropdown menu; instead of generating the default ?query_var=value format, it uses get_term_link() to generate the term URL.

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Adding Custom Post Types To get_calendar() And The Calendar Widget

By default or design, the WordPress function get_calendar()[^1] does not handle post types other than post. I’ve updated it as the standalone function ucc_get_calendar() to allow it to accept a $post_types array; the included filter function ucc_get_calendar_filter() will allow for seamless integration via functions.php without requiring additional editing of Theme templates. (Note that the filter will also apply to the Calendar Widget’s output.)

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Shortcut Functions For Registering Taxonomies And Post Types In WordPress

After I had created several custom taxonomies and post types, adding more by directly calling the register_taxonomy[^1] and register_post_type[^2] functions seemed like a huge waste of space. The following functions create a shortcut for registering taxonomies and custom post types in WordPress; just choose whether you’d like the taxonomy to resemble Post Tags or Categories when calling the function ucc_register_taxonomy, and specify an array of taxonomies for ucc_register_post_type.

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Fix Post Editor Buttons character encoding mismatch

I love the Post Editor Buttons plugin for WordPress by Oren Yomtov. It makes it easy to extend the Post Editor without needing to resort to hacking quicktags.js.

One tiny drawback: sometimes I have character entity mismatches. Quicktags for special characters, such as ‘é’ , ‘–’ , ‘…’, work until the next time I add a quicktag via the PEB interface, when they are returned as ‘é’, ‘â��’, ‘â�¦’.

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