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Adding Taxonomy Columns To Admin Edit Page For Custom Post Types In WordPress

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I’ve been playing with custom post types and taxonomies for organizing all things not post and I wanted to customize my admin edit screens for each new custom post type. Navjot Singh’s tutorial[^1] and this thread on Theme Hybrid’s forums[^2] both provide an introduction to adding taxonomy columns. However, I am lazy and don’t like hardcoding in variables each time I add a custom post type or new taxonomy.

The following set of functions grabs a list of available taxonomies for a given post_type and automatically adds columns to the appropriate admin pages, without the need to hardcode each post type to taxonomy relationships.

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Filter FeedWordPress syndicated posts into custom post types

I use FeedWordPress to scrape my personal RSS feeds on various services into my WordPress blog as individual posts. Before the advent of custom post types, I used categories and tags to separate these scraped posts from regular blog posts. However, it now seems more logical to add some of these posts as a custom post type.

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